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I am a passionate tattoo artist of 7 years. For me it is not just about the tattoo itself but about the whole experience and journey and I love being able to connect with my clients to help them express their own unique ideas to create a lifelong piece of art.

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S-Lee Beauty & ink is not your typical tattoo studio

The Creator of S-lee Beauty & ink had a vision, a vision for difference, a unique vibe and presence of space. 

She wanted to create a studio of calm, community, flow, connection and expression.

She has accomplished just that.

Here at S-Lee Beauty & ink we believe tattooing is more than just the tattoo itself, it is a form of expression, a story that needs to be told, a part of someones journey, we believe in connecting with each individual so we can better express whats in their mind to create something magical for their skin, their forever artwork.

We have created a high vibration space, not your typical grunge tattoo parlor.

We understand that getting a tattoo can be a nerve racking experience for many reasons, so our space is a reflection of calm and a safe container for us to create together, from your mind to the finished art.

We look forward to creating magic with you.